Fallen Empire

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - set appropriate tower.
Up, W, mouse wheel - scroll map up.
Down, S, mouse wheel - scroll map down.
Q - convert tower.
E - update tower.
A - cancel sell/convert/update/build tower.
D - sell tower.


i love it...
i love the music in particular

Nope, I didn't like it. One tower to start, no idea what's coming, having to tear down and rebuild when you see what's coming.

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Simple, effective, good TD game. I like how you can switch tower types.

Looks like a pretty good TD game. The graphics look nice and the movement was smooth. It seems like you allow the player the ability to create sensible combinations of towers and that the game's economy makes sense. Upgrades are nice, the different types of towers made sense, and I enjoyed being able to convert in an emergency. Good job.

I was unfortunately very frustrated by your game's layout. Clicking on towers (to upgrade or sell) blocks off a large part of the viewing area, which I found annoying. I was also unable to view the entire game at once since I have a laptop and you are using a fairly large display size. I had to decide whether I would be blind to the upper 10% of the display or the lower 10% of the display. This, coupled by the need to scroll in-game (since you cannot view the entire map no matter how large your monitor is led me to get frustrated and stop playing after about level 4. I had to click outside the game to move the game itself up and down and click on the game to move the game-view up and down. I am guessing that players who either have PCs or use larger laptops will not have this issue, so I am probably in the minority here.

What I saw up until that point looked good. Nothing revolutionary, but it looked like a decent TD with good graphics. I may not be doing your game full justice since I did not finish it.

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good idea just you need to make it were it tells you what monsters are in the next wave

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3.23 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2013
6:56 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense
  • Daily 3rd Place March 23, 2013