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Music video for New Zealand electronic artist Gamer inspired by sleazy early 90s video games like Space Quest.
http://gamer.bandcamp.com /
http://www.youtube.com/us er/SpaceFader?feature=mhe e


I love this one. The music perfectly suits the scene and I really got into the retro style.

I can't think of anything constructive. Though I have to say compared to the male, the womens face looks empty without the shadow and other little details.

spacefader responds:

Cheers, thanks for your feedback!

this is boss. I especially like the animated smoke and the chick from total recall.

spacefader responds:

Thanks! She is an inspiration

dude, the stuff you can do with, like, 4 colours... amazing.

spacefader responds:

Yeah, the less colour the better!!!

I honestly don´t get your animations, they´re well animated and the retro look is nice too but what is the deal with making so bizarre animations?! It´s not creative, if that´s what you were aiming for, it´s just silly; because you have talent but it´s rather wasted if you have no story to develop with your animations...

spacefader responds:

Ok, I will make more, less creative, more silly, I understand, I need to waste my talent and I will do so sir!

Damn, Toronto turned into a real shit hole.

It was pretty good, though the man's walking animation seemed a little bit robotic, other than that I don't feel there's much to be critical of.

I liked the subtle references: Freemason symbl, Space Invaders, etc.

spacefader responds:

Yeah there are a few sketchy things to tell the truth, I'm not really the best animator, just staring out and all, cheers for the support.

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4.05 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2013
10:51 PM EDT
Music Video