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Unfortunate Girl:TWO pt.1

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After the death of her parents, Karissa tries to move on, though her past still haunts her.
The origins of the Karissa/Shawn duo are shown, while something sinister seems to be watching Karissa's day to day life.

If the cartoon runs a little choppy on your computer, either buy a better computer or watch it on my Youtube channel linked in the loader screen!
Hey, guys! So this actually just the FIRST part of this full episode. I reached Flash's 16,000 frame limit JUST at the end of the full episode, which was about 15 minutes long, so I had to cut it in half. So the pacing might seem a little rushed because of that, and for that I am sorry! I will upload part 2 as soon as I'm done giving it a final polish!




it gives me a creepy feeling and choosing Caxx as Karissa was a great choice, but am a little bit confused, does this stands by it own or does it have a relation with the previous Unfortunate Girl?? because in the previous 1 they seemed younger and Shawn died if am not wrong.

P.S when is the next episode going to come out?

TheFabs responds:

It does follow the same story as the previous episode, but THIS episode doesn't jump around all over the place. It starts off where Karissa and Shawn first meet and goes from there, and for now on, the rest of the series will be shown in chronological order with the exception of a few flashbacks here and there. As for how young they looked, that was just my, uh...bad art. I admittedly wasn't very good at drawing and still learning at the time. I drew them like they were 10 or something when in reality they are teenagers. And Shawn DID NOT die in that episode! I know what scene you are talking about, and that was AGAIN my bad. I also was not good at executing the story or conveying what I wanted. Karissa was merely having a little fun with Shawn and using her power to her advantage. In reality, it was only supposed to scare him. But the way I animated it made it seem like he died. Sorry!

Next episode will be out late this month/early next month.

I really liked the darker elements, and kinda wish there were more posted like this...war kinda does breed demons

Firts off, these are awesome. Do like very much. Kind feel like Shawn is not merely a human... That's just me. The creepy factor to this is through the roof, big thanks to that demon girl. It's about time I got off my ass (figuratively speaking) and watched these. Fantastic. PS. Fabs, "I know who you are." (From Knoxs Korner.)

TheFabs responds:

Thank you!! Omg is this Aaron???? :000000 With a username like that it MUST be.

Did that garvestone say Tim Burton?

TheFabs responds:

Close. Tim BARDIN. He's a friend of mine.

This is awesome. The animation is good.
The story is slow.
What is the deal with her not having any pupils? Why can't she have any pupils? Anyway, continue this series, please, Because I love it. I can't wait for the next episode.

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Mar 20, 2013
7:36 PM EDT
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