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SwordLy: Mini Quest

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SwordLy: Mini Quest is an abridged version of the iOS game of the same name. This is my first puzzle game I've ever made and I hope you enjoy it!

SwordLy: Mini Quest is a directional puzzle game where the objective is to create a pathway for your intrepid hero from the start to the exit, destroying all enemies along the way.

Strategically create a route through directional arrows which are clicked on screen. After your path is laid out tap the 'checkmark' icon to move the hero on his way through the level.

Failing to destroy all the enemies or falling into a trap will restart the level. Also, there's a limit on the amount of arrows that can be used in a level.

Thanks for playing!

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perfect rating because I love you and your game

We've seen games like this before, but the puzzles here are quite nice.

The graphics ARE minimal, and here's is why I think that's a problem. It's a puzzle game. The challenge is in solving the puzzle of where to put the arrows. Having a guy run around and kill monsters is just a pasted on theme. And if it doesn't look good, why choose to use it? You could have had lasers and mirrors, or water and pipe, or any number of other simpler designs on top of this mechanic. If you are going to have a guy slaughtering demons, it better look and sound and feel as cool as that idea suggests.

Also, he runs so slooooooooooowly.

Nice idea for a game, graphics are dated but could be argued that it was to attain a retro feel for the game. Interesting premise for a puzzle game and I had a good, if frustrating time getting my hero through each level of the dungeon.

Phew!Something tickeling for the brain:) I gave up at level ten. Not my kind of game, but well executed, 8 bit rocks. Music should be swichtable, also I suggest a key to instantly delete last arrow then just klicking through to delete one. For me this was sometimes hard to get it, which is good. Nice distraction for some hours.

Fun little puzzler game ! :)

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4.26 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2013
2:24 PM EDT