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Tiny Easter Dash

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Tiny game I developed for a 24 hour hackathon contest where we were supposed to develop an app from any holiday celebration theme, I went with Easter.

Use arrow keys or WASD to move, P to pause.
Esc to return to the main menu.
Press M to mute/unmute

Collect eggs, avoid spikeballs, and pick up carrots for temporary invincibility. The spikeballs keep coming faster and faster the further you get in the game.

Note: If your score doesn't seem to update, you probably have to refresh the page for the change to show up on NG scoreboard.

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A very simple game, but I wanna say to the author that I have lots of good memories from it.

The game itself is very simple obviously, and honestly the gameplay isn't anything special, but during that first week I remember coming home everyday to check this damned leaderboard, to see who had beaten my highscore and try to take it back. Or at least try for as long as I could. I remember when even getting 200 points seemed like crazy and then I had to work even harder because someone else had beaten me.

I couldn't reach the 400s like some did and that was when I left the game I guess, surprised to be in 4th after all this long. Seems like the winner was homeinhyrule, congrats xD. It was fun competing with you all, I wish another game like this appeared just to have that battle for the no. 1 spot again, it was really fun.

To the author, I think you made something really special for how simple it was. Even if it didn't last long, it was still great.

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3.84 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2013
9:23 AM EDT
  • Stencyl