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Try to colorize all white blocks by moving the colored blocks up, down, left or right!
For each level you have only a few moves for that.
To restart a level press ESC.

It's a remake of the Commodere 64 game "Perplex".

UPDATE: The girl can talk now! You can even speak to her! Use short phrases and try to spell correctly. Try "nice hair" and other stuff!

- very clean playground
- keep it as original as possible with modern standards
- avoid screen spam with HUD, links and ads.
Nevertheless the HUD appears when you move the mouse out of the flash screen.

All levels are just like in the original game. But I fixed some move counts. Sometimes it allowed waaay to many moves so it was too easy. Give me a hint if you finish a level with less moves than needed.
I'm not sure why I liked it so much. Maybe because of the cool, black transition or because of the babe on the right side. ^_^


Wow. I have no idea what to do... Sometimes I can't move the blocks. The game has bugs or I'm pretty slow...

Pretty fun! You really need to make the number of moves remaining visible at all times, since otherwise it's very confusing at first!

Nice picture and the controls are solid. The music is also nice. However, you need a lot of work here. It took me a while to figure out how to even bring the HUD up. Without seeing the moves number you have a harder time plotting out strategies.

Not all of us played Perplex originally. Some instructions on the goals and what we're supposed to be doing would be lovely. Also perhaps a levels selection? Or a starting page before just jumping head first into a game. Also, since some of us haven't played Perplex, and in general with ALL puzzle games, you start easy and get harder. It's a learning curve. You don't want your players to have too steep of a learning curve otherwise they're going to be dissuaded from playing! Purposely aiming to remove moves or whittling them down to the smallest possible is good on levels in the end, but not at the start.

I think this could be nice, but it does need some work.

Over all:
+ Background
+ Music
+ Controls
- Instructions needed (including controls, bringing up the hud)
- Not seeing the moves number
- General lack of start?
- Add an Undo move button

n4pgamer responds:

It's a remake of an old game that IS too easy for today's standards. I agree only on the moves number problem. But since it's "just" a remake I decided to keep the view very clean and make the strategy more difficult by not seeing how you progress in each level.
Also I build in a little tiny tutorial into the game that summarizes the gameplay pretty well ^^
Thx for feedback anyways!

good music + thoughtful gameplay.

I liked looking into the girls eye. it felt reassuring

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Meh. Gets boring after the second level. Plus, the random chick on the right is a bit pointless. Also, the resolution could use some adjusting, the screen is far too big.

n4pgamer responds:

Hey, maybe it's because I don't play flash games on phones but I really dislike games having so little windows. Always need to zoom in with the browser. If I could I would rather increase the resolution. The chick belongs to the game. There was one in the original game.
Thx for feedback!

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2.88 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2013
9:05 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding