Crushing Spree

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WSAD / arrow keys - movement

Left mouse button - shooting (only inside weapon range circle)

Try different turret / chasis, different weapons to find weakness of enemy tanks.

You can destroy terrain obstacles or use them to avoid damage from enemy tanks. You can get packs with upgrades, new skills.

Sometimes you will realize that few levels are very hard to complete with one type of chasis or weapon, but much easier with another type.

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Only gripe is the final tank, it usually is indestructible..
only once did i manage to lower its health almost to nothing, but then it surrendered (and became white like me)..

could not finish the level though..

Oh don't get me wrong, the game is mostly good although hit detection is very clunky and can miss their intended targets a lot and you have to grind like Hell to maximize your items. Really though, when you get down to it this is "replay value: the game", the only thing it's missing to augment it's replayability is the lack of medals to display your feats.

However, the thing that really warrants only a score of 1.5 stars is the fact that you cannot kill the large tank on level twelve. Oh it can die, just not by your hand. What do I mean by that? Well, whenever an enemy tank tries to leave the stage it takes damage for it, some of them will even die outright upon touching the border. For those of you who don't even know what a stage is, what I'm basically saying is that if a tank tries to disappear from the screen through the top of the level, it explodes. Getting the mega-tank to go up there to inflict self damage is the only way to kill it and best yet, you can't get it to happen on purpose, it can only happen by accident.

I tried every effective weapon against it, nothing hurts it, not the Heavy Canon, not the Sniper, not the Laser and not the Shotgun. I'll admit I never got the chance to actually hit the damn thing with either the Chaingun or the Light canon but good fucking luck trying to get past its personal army of every variety of tank this game has with what little health you can maintain whilst attempting to bumrush past the massive swarm of enemy tanks because despite what you think, guerrilla tactics will not avail you.

Mind you, I have $259,770.00 I can't spend because I bought every upgrade each chasis and turret had available. There wasn't some super expensive upgrade that would've made the difference that I didn't buy because such an upgrade doesn't exist; there is no way to kill that fucker through mere brute force and no, luring it next to a missile cache as you ignite the cache doesn't inflict damage to it and neither does the "confusion" phenomena where the other tanks will occasionally decide to attack the biggest one, that means strategy is completely out the window and no viable option for killing it even exists. The only way to kill the bastard is through sheer, dumb as fuck luck. Have fun with that, shithead.

very nice game, but you can make it better. in the beginning the game is a little slow and after round 1 you can buy all upgrades. the music is good. level 1 is too easy. 100% heals is not a good idea, you can change them for 50% or something. i enjoy the game realy and like the upgrades. maybe you can make some more varried levels and add achievements.

Best tower defense game ive played to date

Collision check seems to be full tank width from center rather than half width. Running into things often with lots of room in between object and tank.

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3.63 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2013
12:25 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional