Candy Corn

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Your a robot from the future on a mission to find candy corn and bring it back to your time.

Use the right and left arrows to walk. Use the down arrow to activate and deactivate your holographic disguise. Use the up arrow to open doors and use items.

update: Thanks everyone for the great feedback and I'm happy that you all like it.

Thanks to all of you who have been helping me find the bugs. Just a little tip to make the bug fixing go a little faster. When you find a bug give me as much detail as you can on what is happening and where. This is so i can recreate the problem myself and make the fixing it a lot faster. Thanks again. :)


Not bad, interesting.

That was a really good game! 2 things though that you probably want to fix:

1. No matter how much I tried, the achievement of "scare the bank teller" did not work for me.

2.At the start, when I talk to the girl, it says "Boy" instead of "Girl".

Beside those 2 problems, the game was fast and quite enjoing!
Hope you will fix those bugs soon ;P

gio-m responds:

Glad you liked it.

1. To get the "scare the bank teller" achievement all you need to do is walk into the bank and take off your disguise. :)

2. Thanks for the catch.

Power station has a bug sometimes. :) Fun game!

gio-m responds:

Glad you like it. Could you be more specific on what the bug is so i can recreate it and fix it.

Really cool game, reminds me of Don't Shit Your Pants... lol. The only thing I didn't like is every time you died you had to go back to the very start and wait. I know, I'm just an impatient gamer haha but it's kind of buggy!

gio-m responds:

Glad you liked it. I tried to make it time travely so that is why you start over. You said buggy could you be more specific on what is happening? Is it affecting game play?

Funny if short. I like the retro pixel'y look.

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3.01 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2013
3:33 PM EDT
Adventure - Other