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Card War Domination

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Battle between the card has started, in turn base battle card game, you will have the modern troops in the land, sea and air, defeat all opponents cards and dominate the card war!

Use mouse only to control. See in-game instructions.


well not good everything is automatic game

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Well that was... automatic. I'd really appreciate some more control in these strategy games, regardless of form. The idea of making it into a card game is pretty nice, and there are a selection of cards to chose from, but still there's no real strategy. They get stronger and stronger, but don't have any specific weaknesses. This game could've been much more, keep it going!


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there is no strategy, you can basically just keep dying until you can afford a full "deck" of the top units, however even if you can afford any units you want the enemies units upgrade each turn until you get to the point (I met this at level 17) where their units are so improved that having the best units won't win and nothing you can do about it.

it doesn't matter where you put your "cards" it doesn't matter what cards you put against another its basically just the better cards win (unless you happen to get very lucky with the uncontrollable targeting/turns) and with the aforementioned lack of upgrade for players only it is impossible to win later levels.

This is becoming a trend with your games, the concepts tend to be ok (ish) and they work fine at first but then you never actually balance the end game, you just throw out unfinished content and start work on the next one.

Ironically the only actually decent game that doesn't require more work from you lot has been the darn beiber game... so please, stop churning out multiple unfinished games and sit down and properly polish one, you have it in you to make a good game if you just take your time.

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has potential but atm very poorly executed as has been mentioned in other reviews this game needs a few tweeks to make it a whole heck of alot better
such as:
healing between rounds for your cards
healing item in shop to heal your cards if auto heal between rounds isnt implemented
and most important of all better money gain

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Very unbalanced.

The enemy has too much better units and you only gain ~500 units of money every round if you lose. In the later levels 15-20 you must do insane amount of repeats to defeat them. Not cool.

You should add perhaps some of the following:
-Healing ability
-Healing between rounds
-Ability to choose which enemy your units attack
-Upgrades or better units. Player units suck when compared to AI units.
-Different kinds of abilities to use limited amounts within one round.
-Something, anything to make the game any other than unbalanced coin flipping.

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3.39 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2013
3:12 AM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily 4th Place March 14, 2013