When I'm Gravelord'n

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working hard Makin' POPPA NITO PROUD

Thanks Tom for the larger upload in flash file.
It worked out that the original file was smaller than the MP4. Plus a flash file on a flash portal. whats the obvious choice here.

If you haven't seen "When I'm Bored" etc etc


Nice. Always prefered the Sunlight Warriors though. That Sunlight Spear destorys enemies.

veselekov responds:

I made the mistake of joining darkmoon once. once..
All I can say is.. Invasion Failed.

LOL i smell irony here ^^
i also did a "when im bored" meme animation and it ALSO got a daily 3rd just like yours here ^^

but yeah nice work dude ^^

veselekov responds:

I saw when I'm excited! it was great! was that an OC? (PM me)

Great animation full of creativity, though i must state it was very disappointing as i found it ended very quickly with not really any notice. It made me feel like i had been watching something good though it just left a short memory of flashing colours.

oh so pretty. haha.

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veselekov responds:

I really like your honesty. Thanks!

Haha, awesome! :D Not sure if this is supposed to mean anything or if it's just a creative animation/music combo? It's great though, detailed artwork and a trippy track to back it up. The animation syns well to the sound too. Nice work!


Moderately enjoyable in an ironic way, given the subject used on this somewhat tired meme. However the entire thing is extremely confusing to anyone who has no clue what Dark Souls is and to those that didn't get that far in the game. Combined with the fact that it's really more of a slideshow than an actual piece of animation makes it hard to really recommend to anyone. I thought it was a cute little joke, but it moves too fast to make use of the text, and it never quite made it to the point of actually making me laugh.

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veselekov responds:

I agree with alot of your points you have here. I didn't really wanna animate or have dynamic characters because I felt they wouldn't be distinguishable. It is very centered around darksouls and it is really a DaS only joke, I'm gonna paraphrase here "Sacrifice making something that will appeal to everybody and instead make something amazing for a select few." If you appeal to everyone your left with something unrefined.

Thanks for your review! you made some great points.

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Mar 12, 2013
6:54 PM EDT
Music Video
  • Daily 3rd Place March 14, 2013