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Ralph TyrannoBolt Ep #16

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Episode 16 of the highly acclaimed animated series Ralph Tyrannobolt. A young boy born and raised in post-apocalyptic Earth stands to fight for justice. The Nightfall, a galactic bacteria is planning to consume the Earth, already trapping the population in the Underscape. Ralph must defeat all that threatens his beloved home and bring back the humans to allow peace to return peacefully.

This was an experimental animation to stretch and test my skills in all sorts of ways. I really enjoyed working on it, even though I bashed my head in for not revising the script. It came out okay. I hope to make more eventually and contrary to what it says, there are not 15 episodes previously, I just felt like creating a story without explaining anything at the moment. I had a lot of help from friends and got to use a lot of great songs from talented folks here on Newgrounds. Please enjoy, critique or whatever. Meet Ralph: Prepubescent knight of justice.

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XD why is it so fun

To the douche who blammed you for potty mouthing on Newgrounds of all places... I'll see your douchery and raise you 5!

That shit was awesome I Love the music when he summoned his sword... classic.. :D

Blam for "faggot." All I'm going to say.

ArinsMind responds:

ooooooh someone's offended

Is the sword pikachu's tail?