Balrog Scene Creator V1.1

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Eclipse 5 Points

Headmaster: "Yes, he is my son. Born from the light of dragons and the darkness of balrogs, we named him Eclipse."

First Brother 5 Points

Gene: "We're twins, technically, but I was born first. I think I hit Eric too hard when we were still in there, making him the way he is now."

Hogwartz 5 Points

Flarewing: "Why the heck is a giant castle out here while we have only been sleeping on the dirt during this entire retreat?!"

Ice Barrier 5 Points

Frostbite: "Hold your ground! We won't let them hurt big bro!"

Lightless Flight 5 Points

Grayscale: "My body rejects color altogether. You think I've never tried dying my fur? it doesn't work."

Nappy Time 5 Points

Eric: "It's nice to rest every once in a while. Not just at night, but under the warmth of the sun too."

Ringleader 5 Points

Headmaster: "As long as you are here, you abide by my rules and restrictions. I am the ringleader, and you are nothing more than my winged tiger."

Second Brother 5 Points

Eric: "I can't fly, so he pretends to be unable to as well to make me feel better. But I know he sneaks out at night for a quick flight occasionally."

Violet Bolt 5 Points

Violetbolt: "My speciality is thunder. Violet thunder. It has the speed of light, the burn of a flame, and the beauty of violet."

Weakened Flame 5 Points

Flarewing: "It feels so cold. Why does it feel so cold?"

Author Comments

Get ready to get your creative juices running in this Balrog Scene Creator!

What's new?
+Updated width/height ratio
+Improved interface
+Eric balrog playable
+Headmaster balrog playable
+Farthest Plains (2) locations


I actually can't believe how stupid some people are when they are commenting on something. Now I'm not saying this to anyone specific, just overall in the whole world.

I really like the graphics and the animation, the backgrounds fit nicely too. btw could you explain the whole Balrogs story to me or give a link to something that explains it? Because I can see that this kind of story and just what kind of characters Balrogs are, has a lot of potential and I think it could someday become a really great and famous 3D game that will be the game of the year, if alot of time, effort and budget went into it.

My advice for you is to start saving up money and get a game related job in the future that will get you alot of money. Believe me, this will profit you in the long run A LOT and you might just become one of the most famous and richest people in the world. And I can actually see that, I'm not just saying something to make you feel proud of yourself, I'm giving you this advice because this is your chance to really become SOMEONE.

Do not blow it! :)

a very nice submission about balrog. Now can you tell me how to get the first medal (the Eclipse medal) please?

Fun game, I love all the options I can do with it. Is there a new one coming anytime soon?

bah i have no idea how to get the first medal, but it was fun anyways

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I though this was a decent submission. It was just weird with how I couldn't understand it. I couldn't hear any music, but I thought there was some at first. Then again, that could have just been the ad that came before it. I wish I had any idea how to get any of these medals. They're pretty much all of the secret, because they don't tell you how to get them.

I want to tell you that the artwork is very good. I think my favorite bit is probably how they have different reactions. I didn't even know there were that many options for how they looked in terms of color. It has a nice number of options like that. Balrogs are just cool in general.

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Mar 9, 2013
11:50 AM EST
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