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Something I have been working on. It is the first project I have spent more than 5 min on, and nearly my first project anyway, so please no hater reviews! Hope you enjoy. Any suggestions to make it better would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Re3d


Yea its not realy a game in its self but seems that it wud be used in part of another game. Example: we lost dice for monopoly so I DLed a dice app on my phone. this cud work with a game with numbers.

sorry bt i dont get the mean of submiting this. sorry

Re3d responds:

Hmmm, It will probably get deleted anyway. I'll try adding some more options? Maybe turn it into a game? ...

your music was alright. Given that it's your first project, I don't see why you would spend time making a random number generator when there's quite a few online. Give it some time and effort and make something good. Best of luck :)

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Re3d responds:

Thank you :) The music wasn't mine but some positive feedback is always appreciated!

Awww, come on now. I understand you're trying to get your start in programming and everything and I hope you totally do well. But why even submit something like this? It's cool that you made it, I don't know how to make something like this off hand. But why submit it to newgrounds?

Re3d responds:

Because I was hoping for feedback into how to make some of my stuff better.

i really dont know what to say about how pointless this game is, i liked the music btw

Re3d responds:

Lol, check out Kevin MacLeods stuff, that is who made this

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Mar 9, 2013
10:47 AM EST
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