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Just a mini game I made for class, one of my first flash games that I made that has a timer and counter in it. All illustrations drawn by me. I wish I could of done more with the game but I'm really new to flash, look forward to my future games, I promise I'll bring some better scripting. :)

I found out that it doesn't work very well on Chrome, so just right click and click play. The game should work fine on firefox.


Can't click Start Game.

Kamaniki responds:

Please read the instructions.

I loved the game Ib, your mini game looks cute, nice graphics and songs, all what I can do is that the game itself is not very.. I don't now how to say it.. maybe, not that fun? You could have done the petals picking in other way, maybe moving Ib on a maze or just, picking falling petals from the sky. Anyway, I must say that I liked your game just for the graphics and the draws you made, is really cute in that way :) But as a game, I can't say much ;(

Kamaniki responds:

This was my first flash game I made for a project in class so I only used what I learned.
Thank you for the feedback though! I want to make a better game when I learn more. ^^

My first complaint is that the play button doesn't work, but I was able to play by right clicking and pressing forward. Beyond that, the game itself is a simple concept but rather difficult. I did enjoy the artwork, and the music is nice as well.

Kamaniki responds:

Thank you for the feedback.

Why isn't it loading?

Kamaniki responds:

Try using mozilla firefox.

No starts: The Start Button won't work!

Kamaniki responds:

I'm not sure why but it only does that on Chrome, if anything just:
Right click the game and press play.

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3.12 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2013
1:23 PM EST
Puzzles - Other