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Just a mini game I made for class, one of my first flash games that I made that has a timer and counter in it. All illustrations drawn by me. I wish I could of done more with the game but I'm really new to flash, look forward to my future games, I promise I'll bring some better scripting. :)

I found out that it doesn't work very well on Chrome, so just right click and click play. The game should work fine on firefox.


I can't even play the game. It has a main menu screen, and I tried to click "play game'' but it didn't work :((((((((((((((((((((( I want to play the game so bad!!!

I loved the game called 'Ib' and I liked this game, both of them, I liked the music, it's from the original Ib, I also didn't expect someone to make a flash game based on the game 'Ib', but you did, thank you.

5 stars because I'm nice and I like the game called Ib.

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Not bad for a first attempt. There is a lot of potential hidden here. Would love to see more of your future works.

Simple and easy, music choice is pretty enjoyable (considering the source, it makes sense), and a pretty simple concept.

As for the illustrations... ^^; I wanna hug Ib... I'm sorry, Ib is adorable to me! The illustrations alone are enough for me to want to replay it a bit, just to see the pretty pictures. ^^; I know, silly, but I feel that's a good thing if it works.

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Good game. The graphics and the music are great. The game concept is alright and the gameplay experience is alright as well. It brings no challenge at all though. Not the best game, but since it's a mini-game, it would be a good addition to a fully made game. Maybe when you're experienced enough you could make a fully made game and add this one to its mini-games. Just a suggestion, though. :)

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awesome game

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3.12 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2013
1:23 PM EST
Puzzles - Other