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I want to be an Octopus

rated 3.01 / 5 stars
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Mar 7, 2013 | 11:13 PM EST

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Author Comments

Use WASD or left and right arrow keys to move. Your preference really.

Additional Notes:
(update) after showing this "game" off and spending more time working on projects I can understand any complaints that arise from it not utilizing gameplay at all and instead playing out more like a film/video that has a play and reverse button. Either way, I'm leaving it up as a learning lesson for me personally. Even though I see it as a failed attempt at a game experience, someone else may find it useful to pull from.

This game is about a corgi that wants to become an Octopus, representational of being more than average (fame/innovation).
It's more of an interactive story than a game, and is fairly short. So I would think it's best to be played and experienced first before reading too much about it.
It's okay if you don't get anything out of it. It's an experimental game, and is my first finished project so I'm not expecting perfection from it.

If you enjoy it feel free to leave a comment about what you liked and thought about the experience.

If you didn't enjoy it so much, that's fine too. I would appreciate hearing what about it was unpleasant for you.

I'll try my hardest to respond to most feedback anyone leaves for the game.

Also, if you get the chance check this out: http://portraiturefromthe Haley Craw does excellent work and has helped out a great deal in giving me feedback on my work.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I liked the dog with hard work tied to his back. I thought him being the normal guy, going to work every day, to do a boring job just to fullfill his dreams. And every day he says to himslef today I will do sometinhg great, something extraordinary.
As he opposed the grey dogs you lost me. I just thought "what?!"
The octupus looked kinda cute.
In the end I think he wanted to break free, he wanted to be a octupus. And he finally become one, floating free, apart from the other dogs which follow their normal grey day life.

Given the little interaction you could have, this would maybe better be a movie. There are movies here that have more interaction.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

While the basics seem to be right, the game failed to evoke any sort of emotion in me. There isn't really much to the story.

Gallardoblend responds:

Ah well I suppose the basics aren't quite right in it then haha. Glad you're honest, and you're right, there isn't much to this. It's a great learning experience posting it here though and getting feedback.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

the game wasn't very good, no replay value but i liked the message behind it. try adding some 'enemies' or give a description when you click on different items. make it a point and click game rather than a press right game.

Gallardoblend responds:

Hm thanks for the comment, while I agree that more game play aspects need to be incorporated into the game, adding enemies or making it a point and click won't solve that. It would need more game play designed around the concept and game itself, which I don't have the time to go back and do with this project.

But thank you for the suggestions, it's appreciated and I'll keep the "description for objects" bit in mind for the future.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very nice game, graphics are very good! music too, and the story is very good, nice.

Gallardoblend responds:

Thanks, it's good that people are enjoying this. More so than I thought it would be.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Wow that loaded quickly. (Sometimes worrying, but hey, it's experimental so It could surprise)
A mute button! joy of joys
Very arty, monochromatic, (With the exception of you)
Apparently it is impossible to go out into the world without some hard work on your back.
You are drawing focus onto the main character by closing the field of view in on them.
Making the dog take up more of what you can see as he leaves obscurity, then opening up again to receive a glowing window of opportunity.
Then he rises (to fame) as an octopus...
I admire all of that arty stuff.

The whole thing is pleasant, but I don't know what I gained from the experience.
No replay button. Other dogs have a different kind of leg (I don't like that).

Those are my main criticisms.
I liked the way in which things were done, but not the story they were telling.
Profound original ideas work best for this kind of thing. This just says work hard, believe in yourself, achieve your dreams. Nothing new.

I will round up the rating above for the integer based rating.

Gallardoblend responds:

Ah I very much appreciate your feedback. I can definitely agree with what you've said, the design and a (slightly different) concept was the focus in the beginning. After a while of this project sitting around I touched it up with some art to have a somewhat finished thing.

But in order to finish it without needing to completely redo the whole thing I had to change the concept, which ended up giving it some of those qualities in the main criticisms you outlined.

I'm happy to hear the other parts were pleasant, as that ended up being the reason I uploaded it in the end. Some of the art, and how the game progressed. But you're right about the idea behind it. It's nice, but nothing new.