Oddball: Barrels

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The next side episode of Oddball. This is going to be my last video for a while as I need to focus on my studies.
Music by that incompetech site all the cool kids are using nowdays!

Thanks for front page guys! Was a bit worried about this video being a flop!


Love how it built itself around a familiar oddity from old cartoons. You always know that the slightly lighter bush is hiding the big dog, or the different-coloured plank is going to fall off the fence. Something boring happening to the barrels is a predictable joke, but it manages to be unpredictable by adding a second typical outcome; something amazing happens to the barrels as soon as he stops looking at them.

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Awesome animation! The quality and expression from the characters is awesome, as well as the voice acting.

Nice animation, great sound, sadly, not that funny and a predictable "story".

Whhhhhat is this song arrr been trying to find the name of it for years! The barrel's dancing tune. Good animation!

You really need to work on giving more spacial clues to the audience. Basically I have little idea where the characters and barrels are in relation to each other, except when they're on the screen at the same time. An establishing or wide shot early on showing all of the characters and major props are would fix this issue.

You also jumped the 180-rule/line of action which caused some confusion. Early on the barrels are shown on the left side of the scenes and the characters are looking at them (so I assume they are on the right side). But in the last shot the characters appear to be on the left side of the road.

Other than that the effects, voices, animation, and art are all top notch! Just need to work on spacial continuity.

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Kreid responds:

Oh god I know, this video has been on the side for a long time, and I only learned about the 180 rule part way through it, and didn't think to look back over it with the rule in mind. Thanks for the helpful pointers!

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4.15 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2013
4:38 PM EST
Comedy - Original