Ball Hop v.0.5

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The goal is to get the ball to the portals to win

Known bugs:enemies seem to duplicate your character.

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You got some good basics, but I think it lacks some key elements.

First off, Music is the biggest thing missing. It needs sound, maybe some when u get hit, or die.
Another is the whole u lose control on your guy when u die and start as a new, i think its lame.

Not bad for an early project. It looks like you're getting the basics of game design down. The game isn't too good, but keep at it and it looks like you'll be pretty skilled soon enough.

while not the seriously bad, I have a few problems with this.
some of the bugs I encountered: occasionally I had my character duplicated. while you pointed it out in the author comments, it happened to me when I simply spawned in the second level, not from an enemy. it stopped after I jumped a couple times. another bug that I encountered was at level 5. i was on the second non-moving platform, when i glitched through the floor. then, when I spawned I fell through the floor. and again, again, again, falling faster each time, until I couldn't even see my character. I couldn't continue without restarting.
now, I want to know: is this just a test, or is this going to be a proper game you're going to submit? because, as a test of your capabilities, it's pretty decent. but, as a proper game, it's not very good. the backgrounds and platforms are bland, it's generic and basic platformers like this have been done to death. if this is going to become a proper game, it's bad. but, if it's just something for you to hone your skills, show what you are capable of, it's good. at any rate, this review is waay to long, so I'll wrap this up. good effort, I've decided to favourite you, because I think you have great potential. I look forward to your future projects!

as u asked, I rated fairly! Yeah brotha, don't expect something more from it!

Game got kind of glitchy. Good skill game, the first enemy was really difficult to pass. I kind of like this style of "crappy" graphic games - I think it would do really well with some hilarious "teen" rated voice-overs (especially when you constantly collide into an enemy) - good job.

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1.51 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2013
3:39 PM EST
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