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Sky Run

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Self-reconstructing dynamic blocks automatically reassemble into lasers, gravity fields, spikes and many other things to constantly provide various challenges. Also by overcoming challenges you will build huge skyscraper!

Use arrow keys or WASD to control character. To gain more energy for jet pack hold <space>, <down arrow key> or <S>.

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I did enjoy the gameplay, but I wish there was more to it. Lag is a big issue on the menu screen. I would suggest adding a graphics quality button.

So graphics-heavy the /menu screen/ lagged. And no way to turn down the graphics. That alone earns a low score, and that's before the game play where I could beat the "reconstruction" and get penalized for it by dying. Meh.

Awesome game :D I got 5880ft out of 6000ft :p

great game

Actually pretty cool. BUT hard to spot the red and jump blocks (blocks too small). And I experienced the performance inspectors as annoying. But the end was awesome!