Nuclear Plant 2

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Humanity is nearing its end, and it is up to you to preserve life at all costs! Nuclear Plant 2 is an awesome shooter where your main goal is to constantly upgrade your arsenal! Unlock bigger and badder guns by doing research! How many waves can you survive for? Ppllaayy Nuclear Plant 2 now!


Far too easy, completed it in 10-15 minutes, maxed out all the skills and still had 20+ points left over, bought all but one gun (the one assigned to key "6") it just felt short, repetitive, and all in all like a waste of time. Enemies never got "harder" they just got more health. Maybe if they fought back rather than running straight at me it would have been more fun.

2.5/5 due to lack of glitches and being functional; but still being really boring and short.

It's an interesting waste of time, if nothing else. The complaints of difficulty are just silly, but the jumping mechanic is generally pointless since you can't vault even the smallest enemies without being hit, despite clearing them by a good few millimeters of screen space.

I can't see the logic behind anyone saying the game is too hard. I breezed through it without dying once, unlocked every gun and upgraded every skill, and still had 21 points leftover by the time the plant reached 100%. Fix the jump mechanic to be useful, or remove it entirely, and diversify the weapons a bit; up until the flash one, they're all pretty much identical.

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this is a piece of bullshit

Very good potential, but a bad game, because it starts out WAY too hard.

You can't even jump over the enemies without getting hurt. You only have one life, and there is no way you are going to make it very far the first few times, and then you gotta start all the way from the beginning, and that's simply boring. People are going to give up, before it gets fun.

Make a more balanced difficulty curve, and this will be very popular.

good game really, but the graphics 3d doesnt are cool

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3.63 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2013
1:30 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily Feature March 8, 2013