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Half There 5 Points

Remove the weight with half the civilians still alive.

Home Massacre 5 Points

You maliciously killed everyone.

Survivors 5 Points

Complete the game with survivors with the weight of the unaware.

The Weight 10 Points

The weight of the unaware has been lifted.

Reckless 25 Points

Complete the game leaving people injured but alive.

Clean 100 Points

Complete the game without harming animals or civilians.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

A creature comes across a small town in the night...

Arrow Keys to Move
X to attack
R to reset to menu
0,-,+ for volume (recommended you leave it on)

A polished version of my ludum dare 25 game (theme: You are the villain) - the original can be found here: http://www.ludumdare.com/
compo/ludum-dare-25/?acti on=preview&uid=8854. There are a bunch of key differences when compared to the original in terms of design/art/polish.

This was mostly an experimentation in mood and game feel and building and polishing up a small prototype.

tinytiny tweak with kids running into you.
R to reset to menu
Changed medal details so they make more sense.
Tweak again to the AI (kids always try and follow their parents to sometimes will try and follow their parents... this is why kids will run into you.)


It takes some time to pass the game without killing anybody, but i liked the playability, i think this game should have a second part, with more story and stuff :D

To Complete game:Just kill only slimes. Dont kill Peoples/animals

I really enjoyed your game. The art was great, I'm a sucker for good pixel art. I like the design of the monster you play. Very hell houndish. The music was haunting. The simple concepts were surprisingly emotion evoking for such a simple little flash game. See towns folk run around screaming was emotional as you read what they were screaming, especially the children. Pretty interesting game. I actually liked it enough to make it into my Let's Play video for today. I'm trying to do a flash game every Friday.

I'm ScrollsAdventures on youtube, if you'd like to see how I played your game.

I haven't tried any of your other games yet, but from reading the description, I might do a blind play of Controlling, and put that up as next Friday's video. If its as interesting as this one, I'm sure it'll be a good choice. It sounds interesting at least.

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Wow. Just wow.

Brilliant game, it's a work of art. It poses no challenge and yet challenges ourselves, it gives the power to either save one by spending ages painstakingly removing the weight from them or to simply kill them and speed up the process.

The weight, what is it? Is it innocence, that we are all trapped in our own little bubble until someone comes and takes that from us, and gives a view on the cold harsh world around us. Or is it evil, evil that must be known in order for one to understand the error of their own ways?

When I first played the game, I thought little of it, I thought maybe it was building up to some epic fantasy adventure similar to life of a dragon, where the choices you make affect the outcome of your life., but I was instead almost hurt to see it end so quickly, to see whatever sorrowful creature this was run off into the night, feeling guilt, or perhaps nothing. This is something I don't feel often, sympathy for the character you play as, the choices you make seem to only represent you, but they don't. They represent a person, with their own free will and in most games, having the ability to misuse it.

First of all I played through the game murdering everything, I thought nothing at first. Until the first "Why" appeared. Yes, why? Why did they have to die? For what purpose did their death serve? TO apparently "Cleanse" the world of something. But is it so important that everyone must die along the way?

Then I played it through again and because of a few accidents I got the "reckless" ending. This was slightly more interesting and yet not at the same time, we learn it is working for some higher power, maybe it has no choice and it is running from it but can never escape.

The gameplay is a little odd in places though, the character slides around like he's drunk and can't walk straight(or perhaps that's to show the rage, sorrow or confusion he feels) the lack of a quality toggle means the game can get a bit slow at times on my horrible laptop. It really shouldn't be judged by gameplay though, it is a story, take it as such.

But what is the weight? As I said earlier, it might represent innocence or even the inability to accept new ideas. Maybe it represents evil or perhaps even bravery. The word perhaps is so useful in this review because nothing is certain.

In conclusion,
I love this game, it is a brilliant work of art but the gameplay is flawed in some regions, the symbolism behind this is so vast I'll need to go take a walk to clear my head before I can even think about it. The music is also excellent, sets a nice tone.

Please, please do not judge this game by its gameplay, take it as a story in which you control something which you don't even know about.

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3.71 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2013
1:24 AM EST
Action - Other