DinoYachtClub: Tiny Arms

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When diplomacy fails, President Reagan calls on a clandestine attack force of British dinosaurs known only as THE DINO YACHT CLUB. Charles continues his downward spiral toward rock bottom when he becomes depressed about his tiny arms.



Saw the Ecce Homo there and laughed. Listened to their voices and laughed more. Saw the entire video and I had stomach ache... no, stomach pain due to lots of laughing.
Good work.


Poor poor Charles...
But wait.... if he can't reach anything, then how on earth was he able to pick up the pen and the bottle of liquor?

AnimonsterOfficial responds:

A gentleman has his ways, he has his ways...

Awesome voice! Great laughs

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This seems like it'd be a good show for Adult Swim.

Yes, the animation is limited, but that's how it was intended. The focus is more on the writing, voice acting and music (intro), all of which are pretty damn good in my opinion (for quick entertainment and a couple of laughs). The art part is subjective, and the animation is done well enough to look at least semi-realistic even with a limited method. I love this series because of the way it never seems to take itself seriously, and it's a humorously different and yet cliche concept as well. What I really want to see now is larger settings and a more complex plot; this series still has untapped potential.

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3.98 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2013
7:44 PM EST
Comedy - Original