panda gun shop

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The mouse to click to reverse the corresponding goods sole to the guest. get the goods after will give some money. when there isn't within the stipulated time given the guest wants to have the goods. the guest will be against you.


is well made, but dont really fun, for me

I'm not entirely sure why the customers would occasionally try to shoot me, but I would like to be able to shoot back. That thing where I try to click on a customer and drag them up front and the screen scrolls away from me... that is just obnoxious. Aside from that, I like it. Good system. Fun concept.

The game concept I understood, the tutorials were clear, but the latency times seemed rather short by day 3 and seems like the game has the potential to be a real boor, no pun intended. :) Graphics and sounds are great though.

It has a mute button which is always good.
The graphics were pretty good too.
However, at the start of the game I felt overloaded by the number of things flashing up on the screen.
That confused me, I struggled to figure things out. It took A couple of plays before I felt I knew what I was doing. And even then, going from side to side all of the time was dizzying.
I once found myself getting shot whilst stocking up, which was rather annoying, although stocking up is a fun idea and I recommend you keep it in the game but, instead of stocking up during the day, why not stock up after hours to avoid getting shot by angry customers.
I also found that if I failed a task I could continue playing, although it was weird glitchy for a while, going to the main menu and continuing from there fixed it.
Retunrning form paused or continuing to play caused a sever amount of lag for me whilst playing which was irritatingI'm sure you can find a way to ease that transition.
Although I'm not particularly a fan of "run your own shop" type games, I did find it different to ones I played in the past, which was enjoyable, even if running a shop isn't

I don't get the concept much. It might have been fun if I knew what I was doing.

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2.67 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2013
2:49 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)