Pokemon Zubat Cave

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This is my first Flash Animation and I like Pokemon so what better place to start? Well I know I've got a long way to go as an animator but everyone has to start somewhere, any feedback on how I should improve is more than welcome, PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK AS I WOULD LIKE TO GET BETTER THANK YOU! :D


Thank you all for getting this to daily 2nd, I would have never imagined this to get as much recognition as it has now, be sure to expect more from me in the near future, hopefully it will be better than this :)


Reminds me far too well of my adventures through those wonderful caves. Your animation style does have a really nice charm to it and I really think exploring your style will cause your animations to flourish all you have to do is keep at it. Bravo!

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LitPower responds:

Thank you so much! I will carry on animating, more toons on the way :)

good but very short

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LitPower responds:

Thanks :)

Pretty good. Worthy of 3 stairs and a half.
The art was a little iffy. In some places, it looked really good, but in others, such as pretty much every drawing of Ash, it didn't look that great. The backgrounds like the bushes / tree in the very beginning were bland. I know it's a cartoon, but each bush-bump looked exactly the same. And the rocks in the wall of the cave's entrance looked odd. You might've been better without them. Not sure why Ash was smiling as he walked into the Zubat cave, either. Ash's shoe as he steps down to trigger the Pokemon battle looked pretty...meh, too.
I will say that the actual Pokemon battle setting looked cool! I HIGHLY recommend that you stray away from hand written looking fonts, though. That's -my- own personal tick. They just don't look good. But hey, if they float your boat, go ahead.
When Ash says "Pikachu, use thunderbolt", that whole little scene looks abd. Ash is too low on the screen and his arm and hand are drawn pretty stiff. It also looks like Ash is naked due to the lack of arm sleeve. Maybe I'm just weird.

Those are just a few things. Overall, the art could use some work. Kinda funny, though. It's definitely relatable (many times have I almost thrown my GameBoy on the ground due to a combination of a Zubat encounters and one last Pokemon with HP in the single digits). You've definitely got loads of potential. YOU CAN GO THE DISTANCE. YOU CAN GO THE WAY.

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LitPower responds:

Thank you, I'm glad not everyone is just saying "oh yeah your art could improve" but this comment has helped me a lot and given me a lot to think about for future animations, thanks a lot for the help! :)

This was your first?? Amazing... (:

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LitPower responds:

Thank you so much! :D

It's good you realize that you have work to do. That being said I don't think you have problems animating, I think you just need to work on the drawing part of it. The animation was pretty smooth and the voice was done with a good quality recording device. The content was a little iffy considering we have all definitely seen many a rendition of the dreaded zubat encounter, but at the same time your video stood out a little and did annoy me as much as I though it could have. So in summary keep working at it and you probably have potential to do much better things. Also it doesn't hurt to take more time to make a better drawn animation. Yes if you put more time into it then it becomes a little more tedious but any level of quality helps improve ratings.

Hope this feedback helps you out and I hope to see more later!

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LitPower responds:

Thanks a lot! Yes I know I have a way to go but I hope to improve for the future, and the recording was done with my Iphone, nothing too glamorous :)

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3.63 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2013
12:40 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 2nd Place March 5, 2013

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