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Mount Mayhem

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EDIT2: Also Front Page. It doesn't get any better.

EDIT: Woah Daily 2? Thanks for the votes everyone! I wasn't even if sure if anyone was going to like this one.

Check it out.

Here's a cartoon that I started waaaay back in October for round 2 of a competition called Nooni Media Animation Extravaganza. The theme for the round was "Sweet and Sour". Contestants had about a month to complete their entry, but I didn't at all. By the end of the round I had about 5 seconds of actual polished animation and a whole bunch of seconds of ugly looking animatic. Fortunately though, I made it to the next round and ultimately came in 2nd for the entire competition. Pretty neat!

Anyway I decided to go back and finish this one up because I liked it. I hope you do too.

So, ya know, vote, leave a review and I'll respond, rate comment subscribe, share on Myspace, all that stuff.



Awesome piece. The concept is great, well thought out (I mean, one might argue that the chaos theory chain-of-event bit is a dead horse that's all but a bloody pulp, but I say fuck 'em) and something I wasn't exactly expecting. I was anticipating this to be a chase for the photo snagged by the wind at first, to be honest.

The voice work/audio is the only thing that cost you half a star. It could have been normalized and cleaned up a little- triply so the voice.

Keep at it :)

Brewster responds:

Thanks, yeah I tried my best to make the voice audio as clean as it could, but it was a matter of a shit mic. Next time I'd do it different for sure.

great animation, i also liked frame by frame moments. And very addicting plot, when you wait something awsome coming entirely. And ofcourse the irony at the ending!

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Brewster responds:

yeah... thanks.

Really like the frame by frame there! A few of my favorite moments are when the camera pans around the climber and he's animated in a 3D like perspective with the 2D animation and when he takes off his backpack. That was quite a human movement he had there.

Brewster responds:

Thanks, that's one of my favorite parts too. Glad you like it.

Oh snap, lmao, what a random sequence of events. :) If he hadn't dropped the camera, he could've taken a picture at the end. I was kind of expecting him to pick up a cellphone or something and snap a picture of the destruction, but even without that twist, it was a fun watch. The graphics are rather simple at times, especially how the entire city is just like a box in a wide landscape of nothingness, but even without detail it was a great idea, and a lot of things depicted. Nice work!


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Brewster responds:

Thanks! I wanted to do more with the backgrounds but I started to run out of time before the end of the month, and I really wanted to get this done before that happened, so the BGs turned out pretty basic looking. Thanks for the review.

i really love this video men

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Brewster responds:

glad you do

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3.93 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2013
7:49 PM EST