Deadfall Castle

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You are the greatest villain in the kingdom. Once again you have stolen the princess and now those no good heroes are coming after you again. If you want to keep your rightfully captured princess you will have to use all the booby traps in your castle to keep them away. Deadfall Castle is an arcade style defense game where you launch booby traps at heroes to keep them from getting through your castle and saving the princess.

User the Arrow Keys and Space bar to navigate the menus.

Up / Down Arrows - Change lanes
Left / Right Arrows - Change sides

Space - Launch Booby Trap

Collect coins for extra points and lives.
There can only be one trap in a lane at a time.

Credit for the awesome 8-bit music goes to Reddllama!


Why is sonic on deadfall Castle?

It could be worse...

no that good

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This is a pretty cool idea but the 'traps' all seem to do the same thing (kill the heroes with one hit). It would add a lot more variation if there were dead-falls, stuns, slow patches and other stuff which has different effects on the heroes' progress.
Love the 8 bit music, that's awesome.

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Neat idea. I think there is more depth to this game than there seems. Some of the art doesn't quite fit with the rest. If you are going with a pixel art style you should make sure all the pixel sizes match up. Some sprites have big pixels while others don't. Also your scoreboard doesn't seem to be working.
I have to give props to a fellow stencyl user, keep up the good work. We learn our craft together.

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3.00 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2013
5:55 PM EST
Skill - Other