From Nothing

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Author Comments

Walkthrough (very simple):
You are a random person, thinking about your life.
This game is just one of that passing thoughts you have when you are in a bus or drinking coffee or something...
Arrow Keys to Move.
Enter to Restart a level.
"-" e "+" to control volume.

This is our second game, first made with Flixel.
This game is more like an experimental study.
Also, this game was made for OneGameAMonth(February).

OneGameAMonth profile: http://www.onegameamonth.com/lagemanngui

Follow me :)

Music by Kevin Macleod

Tileset by Blarget2


I suggest you stop drinking coffee, it obviously depresses you. Try juice instead, it tends to not make you think of nothing.

An art game, *sigh* why did this have to be an art game? 9/10 times, art games just don't work on any real level. If your goal to to make people think about thei own existance, please don't try to do it in a game. It's not impossible, just really, really hard to pull off.

Let's start at lv 1. I broke it. I jumped across the ledge, ran to the right and beat the level. Not a good start. Broke lv 2 too. Ran to the left, fell of the map, but I could still jump. Running up a slope doesn't always work properly either, have to sometimes hop up slopes. Finally, not adding an automatic respawn upon death just seems really lazy. I know, a month, but an automatic respawn just seems like something that isn't really optional.

Music and graphics are substandard. Even using the assets you have in the game, there are so many better ideas you could have done with the concept. This just isn't there, even for a rushed game. I usually give an art game a pass if the engine and systems work, but this doesn't. Just dissapointed.

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yeah, from nothing we past hours in a computer if we lost our friends, :) great game

That was an interesting experience. I made it though all the levels, I think, though at the start it seemed like there were multiple routes to take, but the end is rather... discouraging. Congratulations, you cannot escape? Well that's an odd victory message, heh. Nice game though, creative and adventurous. Keep it going!


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Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2013
3:44 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other