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Spyro Does A Thing

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As seen on YouTube, the Does A Thing series debuts on Newgrounds with the latest installment starring Spyro the Dragon, dealing with his greatest challenge yet! (and it's going to be expensive)


(Sparx) Art and animation - CrikeyDave http://www.twitter.com/crikeydave

(MoneyBags) Writer - Psyguy http://www.twitter.com/superpsyguy

(Spyro) Producer, sound editing and music -- Shadyvox http://www.youtube.com/ShadyVoxYT

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Gotta Spyroball!

spyro voice sound fimilar

it was funny if he had to spend all of his gems for a key over anover again

Isn't this how modern videogames work these days? I wouldn't know, cause I don't play those:P

Electronic Arts in a nutshell.