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Alicorn Twilight

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After the flim I wanted to watch it again (Picture of chysails shows up on screen is in bed at night with no lights on) *0^0* (stares at picture is scared)

Funny as hell. Voices were excellent and the lip syncing was pretty good especially the last set that looked more like actual horse teeth and less human-y. I certainly enjoyed it and I also laugh at those who think Alicorn Twilight is another reason to hate on Hasbro, eventhough we really shouldn't.

I don't care becuase I'm not a brony....

This video was very funny and very good. I loved everything about this video.The humor was pot on and done very well. The graphics you made where very well done and very good. I loved the fact you took a part from Family Guy and put it in this video. And yeah you correctly identified a lot of the bronies in the fandom. When he fell I just died in pain laughing. Man you made a good video right here. Most of the bronies where upset about this. I'm glad you made this. This get's a perfect score from me since you made me laugh very hard.