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4 Seconds 4 Life

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This game lasts only for 4 seconds.

You have no idea what can be done in 4 seconds!

Defuse a bomb, cut a tree or survive the attack of a zombie hord in time!

The game contains 30 unique minigames.

You have to find out your task and complete it in 4 seconds.

Can you beat them all?


I was hoping to rate this higher after spending some time on it. Sadly, I think this is the best I can do.

Graphics are nice, everything looks pretty okay. Unlike a previous reviewer, I'm not going to take anything off over one missing pixel on a pointless loading bar.

Sound, also pretty good, with one exception: The music doesn't loop. It just...ends. And it ceases playing until you finish your game. A bit odd, that, and a pretty severe oversight.

Control, oddly enough, is also an issue in some of the minigames. You're not told how to play many of the games, and they don't control like you would expect them to. Dragging the clouds is damn near impossible, cutting the tree makes zero sense...there's just some games that refuse to control well.

If I lose a game because I was bad at it? That's fine. If I lose a game because it controls like garbage? That's not fine. That's frustrating.

Gameplay, it's just like Wario Ware: Go though a bunch of minigames. Do good enough, you'll unlock more minigames, but here's the problem: The requirements for unlocking the extra games are just crazy.

Thanks to some of the minigames being near-impossible, getting more than a 1-star rating is quite a feat. It's also nice that you can pass a section, and still get zero stars, AKA EARNING NOTHING FOR SUCCEEDING.

Getting a perfect 3 star rating on anything beyond Tutorial is a nightmare. You lose just one game? You failed. Doesn't matter how well you do after the fact. If that cloud game pops up, I need to be lucky, more than skillful, to succeed.

I wish there was a way to practice the new minigames before they show up. Again, a lot of them are not explained, and I have to guess how, in 4 seconds, I'm supposed to play this game. Even though a lot of the games are simplistic, not all of them are.

Wario Ware's games tended to be super-simplistic. This took it up a notch, and as a whole, hurts the gameplay as a result. If some of your minigames are complex enough to frustrate someone who's trying to beat them in 4 seconds, something has went wrong.

It's not the worst game I've played, far from it. However, it has some questionable game design at points, which hurts the game as a whole.

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Good concept, poor implementation.

Music: ok

Graphics: nothing super fancy, but it all was the same style and matched.

There were a lot of issues I had, one of the biggest was the lack of instruction. With a game like memory it's fine to be a little sparse with your instructions, pretty much every child in the United States played memory of some kind as a child, but for a game like "CUT THE WOOD" the instructions are horribly vague. Rapidly click and drag would be a better instruction. The "SHOOT THE TOILET!" instructions are a great example of how they all should be short, concise, and accurate!

Watching my cannon balls stop mid air, or the last cloud stopping after zipping halfway off the screen, or seeing a tree still standing, but completely disconnected from its base were infuriating, and annoyed me beyond belief. After the first few times I only continued playing so I would be able to write an accurate review.

"EASY RIDER!!" is a great example of a game that is too easy. Add some balancing, make it so that if the player clicks to many times the rider will flip on his back.

Give the players a reward for completing a mini game with time on the clock.

Why name a game "NO CROSSING!" when the objective is to cross the road? once again woefully inadequate and a hint of "flick the little girl to the other side". Try click to move, reach the other side.

You obviously put time into this game, why stop short of a polished product? I hope to see you put some more time into this game, it could easily become a 3 to 5 stars game.

Good Luck,

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Hmmm....Not that good...

Gameplay is horrible. Not even a reallly new concept. Half star for digramation. That's all.

spawned a popup upon loading the game. Not cool.

dspGames responds:

What kind of popup?

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2.85 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2013
3:01 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle