Evo Dx 2

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Evo Dx 2 - Conquer four different planets using 2 out of 8 classes

Melee - Attacks with weapons and has high defense
Elacin - Uses guns to blast single enemies and bosses
Vertalist - Sockets gems to weapons for various abilities
Dronicle - Amazing against groups
Lost - Learns abilities from enemies and uses overdrives
Tezolox - Builds a park of totems and blows up enemies
Celge - Combines herbs to create different potions
Dissium - Add cards to your deck that are randomly selected

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----Reported Bugs----

Bug: It doesn't save

Possible Fix: The save option is there, you might have to right-click, go to settings and enable it by increasing the local storage bar.

Note: This only happens to some people


cool game. Now I am going to play 1.

its the same thing like Evolution Of Magic 2 so i like it and i give it 1 star when 1rst the same like E.M.O.
second is same story like E.M.O and none knows what a newm or nub is :P lol

I love this game. It is truly spectacular!

the gems and cards continue displaying when you change screens away from their respective set up screens. other than that great work on the system part, a little more work on the storytelling side and you'll be golden.

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Arnas responds:


To me, this seems like you just remade your older games to give more classes and differences between them... the story is still the same as your last one of this kind, word for word. It's a okay game, don't get me wrong, but I was expecting there to be more to it than just class changes...

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3.78 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2013
2:01 PM EST
Adventure - RPG