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Nyan Souls

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Author Comments

Nyan Souls is a game where you have to switch between three characters to overcome obstacles.
Use arrow keys to move. Press a, s, d to switch characters. Press z to jump. Press x to run/punch. Press m to mute music.

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I'm a really big fan of super meatboy, and i like everything, the music, the characters, just give to it few medals and you're ready for the newgrounds high ranking classics

I actually liked this game. I thought really like the music. It's simple and catchy. I thought it was interesting how the background changed with each section of the game. I would like to see a life limiter or something.

My first thought when I saw this title was "This had better not be another stupid Nyan Cat game. That meme is dead and I hate it." I was bracing myself to hate your game as well but you had a pretty title screen. Then I started the game and I realized that was fairly pretty as well. The controls felt more or less exactly how they should, too. There's clearly more than a little inspiration from Knytt but I don't mind the resemblance at all. Knytt is an engrossing experience and your exploration/platforming mix was pretty enjoyable, as well as your graphics, which are technically not that impressive but still endearing. I especially love your designs for the player characters.

I'm not a huge fan of the music. None of it's very interesting to me. The arrangements aren't appealing. They just seem to ramble on and on without really going anywhere. This is all right if it's ambient and sucks you into the game, but it's not (piercing midi notes jar), so I just don't really think it's fitting. I'm sure you can make more interesting songs with your skill-set anyway. I appreciate you including the ability to mute, though.

One problem I have is the way you introduced the second playable character. You kind of threw him out there and told the player how to switch between them. Which is fine! Believe me, I'm all about letting the player figure stuff out for themselves, but before I even had a chance to experiment with the new character, "press 'r' to reset the room" showed up in the corner. Up to that point, I had been feeling only slightly discouraged but when the message appeared, I took it as a sign that I had done something wrong, earlier in the level. Maybe I took the wrong path? This conclusion seemed logical, as there was (to my knowledge at that point) no way to escape the position I was in. I reset a couple of times before I accidentally discovered that you could wall jump. Usually when you discover a secret or new way to play, you feel totally elated, like you really did something. In those cases, there's something else you could be doing with the information the game's given you so far, and what you find out for yourself is like a bonus. But in your game's case there's nothing else to pacify the player. You can't go back to explore another area or even progress unless you figure out the character can wall jump. Because I couldn't do anything else, when I discovered how to progress I wasn't blown away. I didn't feel like I'd done anything except what any idiot could have figured out. The bottom line is that if you don't tell someone part of your game mechanics, don't discourage experimentation with an option to reset.

Another issue is that when you enter a new area, it doesn't feel very fluid. The character you last selected becomes the default, and you appear in a set position. This isn't a big deal, but this is a more exploration-focused game than most, and it relies on a connection to the world. With the predefined starting points your world feels more like a series of levels, which I feel creates distance between the player and the world. If you have levels, it's more like a Mario game. You aren't interested in Mario as a character or Mario's world. You're interested in beating the level. When you have levels, it's a series of challenges, and I think your game might benefit from a more flowing world. Again, it's not a big deal, and I know you're limited by Stencyl, but you should think about it.

Possible bug: In a level with 2 purple fire spit things, there are 2 players, and they both move, making it very hard to complete. I got around this by merging them, but it was tedious and I don't think this was intentional. I didn't complete this stage, but I somehow got the ending. I wish I hadn't.

The biggest problem I have is the ending. It's horrendous and I'm very disappointed that you'd ruin the considerable atmosphere you'd built up. Why you'd resort to ending your honestly likable game with Nyan Cat is beyond me. It's lazy and I would have liked to see at least an attempt at a legitimate conclusion.


EvansBlack responds:

I am very grateful to you for this mega review. You have precisely noticed all weak and strong parts of my game. And I totally agree with all your remarks. About the ending. Totally my bad. I think i was just too lazy to create a good one. (sry for bad english)

While the game play mechanic was a nice idea, your art style was severely lacking...

i would like: the double jump should jump a little higher; a change of controls like "w a s d to move, 1 2 3 to switch character k to jump and l to run"

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2013
1:51 PM EST