School Shooting Sim 2

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NOTE: This is a joke! I thought it was obvious! please take this as a joke and nothing else!

Prequel to the critically acclaimed "Best Game of all time".
This is an advanced simulator.

Change your weapons or stop yo sounds.

Took 9 minutes but my personal best is now 1056 kids! (A score of 10560)


offensive,badly made,wrong, terrible sound track= this game

mandog responds:

gay, stupid = you pwn

It's pretty okay, but i think i found a glitch.
If you look VERY closely at some of the kids you can see that their arm sometimes goes over their nipples, this is anatomically not possible i think. Also, maybe u shud include more death sounds, because something about repetitiveness?? I don't know, i'm 7 years old (Almost 8 though :D).

What ARE school shootings anyway?

mandog responds:


First off, this is extremely offensive. I don't know if you're mentally challenged or just a freak, but this is wrong. And any person with half a brain would know that. Now. Onto the graphics and gameplay. It seems you didn't work on much of this yourself. And it also looks like what you DID work on yourself was downright godawful. Also, Why are the children naked? Onto gameplay. You get an obnoxious soundtrack that is on a very short loop, three guns, but that's just a graphics change. The shooting doesn't get any different, and the sound doesn't change either. It's basically endless whack-a-mole. You sir, are godawful at making flash games. And don't smugly reply to me, it makes you look like a royal asshead.

mandog responds:

+1 people who dont get the game

Offensive and stupid, considering all of the school shootings that have happened over the past years.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Go die in a hole.

mandog responds:

Making fun of people who have died in a hole huh???

I honestly don't think you understand the nature of this submission.
You could call this an "avant garde" work. Really, you could, and perhaps that was what you were trying to accomplish. Perhaps you were using this as an attempt to show how improbable it is that a game would coax someone to kill a child. That's something that would only be meaningful to the narrow audience that actually regularly uses this site. This game will exist merely as a statistic to the public at large.

When you create a game like this, you aren't just flaunting the common standards of decency on Newgrounds (whatever they might be.) You are pushing out material that lobbying organizations such as the NRA could use as "evidence" that video games are the root cause of mass shootings, such as the one in Newtown. Wayne LaPierre, in fact, used a Newgrounds game very similar to this one as part of his argument that, in his mind, assault rifles don't kill people- video games do.

That game was expunged from the site, and this one can and should be, as well. This isn't just a "bad game," it's a game that damages the credibility of the site.

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mandog responds:

Its an educational game, it puts you in the killers shoes, after you kill those kids whats next? there are just more...no more bullets...can't leave the building, snipers around you, you're going to die in prison, why not just die here?

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1.07 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2013
6:18 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed