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Shoot the targets!

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Not good at all.. there is lack of:
-good art
-even texts
Should I keep going? because i could... in short, this game sucks, it has nothing new or good in it.

Sorry but no way no how not at all. Its as if you made no effort what so ever. Were you seriously expecting a good or semi decent rating with this...? -50

-10 for the lack of creativity
-10 for how bad this is.
-30 for the lack of everything else material - originality etc

Still images. The cross-hairs make it clear where to shoot (making it too easy). I'd like more story, or more challenge to the levels or sound or something. All that said, it seems like something you could develop into something good.

Well, I'll admit, I'm a fan of these short reviews.

Graphics, entirely still images, no animation, cursor goes UNDER targets somehow, everything has the most odd perspective (THE DOORS ARE HALF THE SIZE OF A MAN, according to the first level), and it just...doesn't look good. At all.

Sound, none. That may or may not be a good thing.

Control, also none. You point and click. At still images.

Gameplay, you can design this same exact game in MS Paint, if you would prefer. Just draw a stick figure, draw some silly environment, pull out the line tool, BAM. You have this game.

Also, the last level isn't a challenge: There's no shape to really determine where to aim. Good thing the Tab trick works in this game.

In any case, I wish I could say ANYTHING good about this...um. It works. That's all I got. Better luck on your next project.

I'm stuck on the last level... is there a walkthrough?

Credits & Info

1.32 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2013
12:24 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person