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NG BBS Quiz 2012

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:( 5 Points

For those who don't know much.

>:( 5 Points

For those who don't know anything.

:) 10 Points

For those who know a lot!

:/ 10 Points

For those who know a little.

:D 25 Points

For those who know most things!

:O 25 Points

For those who know EVERYTHING!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Here's a quiz for BBS regulars, made as an alternative to the lost 2012 BBS Awards. It features 50 questions based upon nominees and active users from the past year. If you get a low score, then maybe it's cause you don't visit the BBS much? ;)

Don't take it too seriously, it's not official, just fun. Enjoy!


1.4 Added preloader. Minor tweaks.
1.3 Added clues on result screen and sound effects/etc.
1.2 Questions 19 & 47 fixed. Sorry about that, it should now be possible to get a perfect score. ;)

Edit: daily fifth, thanks for all the support guys!

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Good quiz, tough if you aren't a regular but try it enough times and you start to get the hang of the answers! Any hint on the other secret medal?

Cyberdevil responds:

Props on grinding your way through it all even without that initial know-how. :) If it's the medal not related to a particular number of correct answers on the quiz you're referring to there may be something in the credits...

*reads title* But it’s 2019– *reads Credits & Info* Ohhhhhh... wait. But this was uploaded in 2013, yet the title says “NG BBS Quiz 2012.” Coincidence, eh?


Cyberdevil responds:

Same thing here. :P The awards are held at the end of a year, so these things usually get done at the start of the next one.

im just here for the medals

This game is cool. I know this is 2012, so the information is obviously not up to date, such as NekoMika/SCTE3's username change. I don't think it needs to be updated, because it wasn't intended to be up to date 2 years later. I see that it says there is music, but I don't hear it. (maybe I'm just deaf.) It is very hard to get everything. I can only get about 20 without hints. Overall, cool game, too bad the actual BBS awards 2012 was lost. Good job!


01 saqwert
02 provoke
03 handsomecat
04 gamejunkie
05 scte3
06 dean
07 liquidfire
08 gimmick
09 princessluna
10 yurgenburgen
11 xaotik
12 havegum
13 timmy
14 zeroasalimit
15 gagsy
16 daethdrain
17 klik
18 dry-ice
19 post music, rate the one above!
20 otto
21 emma and nightowl
22 mamatequilla
23 uvsoaked
24 fairsquare
25 knuckstrike
26 the-great-one
27 asandir
28 devourerjay
29 deckheadtottie
30 illicit
31 xenomit
32 zj
33 kanef
34 scary
35 ragnarokia
36 doberman
37 mandog
38 tarah
39 addict
40 yert
41 damien
42 austerity
43 tehslaphappy
44 all-american-badass
45 goryblizzard
46 mr-shark
47 drclay
48 thedark
49 amaranthus and cyberdevil
50 tomfulp
Normal Medals (for wrong answers)

0 - :O
1-10 - :D
11-20 - :)
21-40 - :/
41-49 - :(
50 - >:(