Dragon Ball Multiverse 2

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after over 6 months of animating, hopeully it was worth the weight

NOTE: first id like you to know that i worked on this alone. so please if you gonna criticize. dont be too harsh on the audio volume mess and the backgrounds, im not jesus, i cant be good at everything and nobody wants to help me on such things

anyway this is the second animated DBM episode. i assume you might saw the first one if you know me (wich is unlikely) anyway if you didnt make sure to check it out.

DBM is a fancomic made by salagir & gogeta jr. i animated this

i hope you like it

bocodamondo as announcer & uub
tomsthevoice as goku, kakarot & cell
sirundead as ALL the vegetas & gohan
Rocker962 as trunks
eddache as a birdman and the saiyan goku battled against
kaggyva as bardock & goten
laura olson as pan & videl
killerkb as namekian nappa fought against
themanlystanly as nappa
redharvest as frieza & jeice
seshido as nail
shock-dingo as piccolo and king cold
twisted4000 as cooler
killerkb as namekian
water-wolf as bra (bulla)

with lova


Ahh, fun ^^. Great job guys. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to see more ^^.

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I understand that you are the only one that worked on this but from what I saw it was a great edition to the series. I hope you make more soon I look forward to it.

I like how you made a continuation to the DBZ show. I liked the show and your version of what comes next in the series is very good.

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Must.. see.. more..

This is amazing! Graphics wont matter!

Great music, nice history and great Voice actors!

(Although there are a few errors in the subtitles like people changed to peploe)

Other than that, this is really freaking great!

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This is shaping up rather nicely. Only a few things off but those can easily be overlooked as this is a pretty decent "what if" scenario. Good picks for the voices also. Spelling was still off but the voice actors fixed that just fine.

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the plot was really cool, the voice acting was mostly good, and the animation was good except for when their were fight scenes

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4.02 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2013
11:05 AM EST