The Forgotten Dungeon

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Hidden Treasures 5 Points

Open 10 Chests

Scavenger 5 Points

Pick Up 20 Objects

Dark Dungeoneer 10 Points

Reach Character Level 6

Dungeon Cleanser 25 Points

Kill 4 Bosses

Monster Killer 50 Points

Kill 1000 Monsters

Author Comments

Diablo like game: you have to explore all the dungeons, kill monsters, gain experience, pick up supplies...

The game contains:
16 classes of monsters
4 end level bosses
5 different decors
levels randomly generated
40 types of equipment

new version => bug correction: invisible ennemies and teleportation into 2x2 sqare


It seems very nice but the controls get a bit sticky,maybe add use with keyboard or mouse but has a lot of potential.

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Not bad, seems like it has potential. Couple of things that were annoying: when shooting a bow, you had to keep moving ( unless you press shift like DIablo 2? ), and I was bounced off the screen by a bug on LVL 2.

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This is a pretty good. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong here, but I'm twinking off of Fireball and Mana Drain...3% Mana Drain on Strike Bow+Lvl 8(and counting) fireball= Never ending rain of firey death

I'd like this game very much, if it wasn't so horribly unbalanced.

Health: While the character only needs 3-4 hits to dispatch an enemy (with a damage of 35-40), the enemies, while dealing like the double of that (~100 without armour equipped), need 50 hits, because the character has crazy amounts of hp. Unfair and not really fun

armour value: I tested it and found that defense is useless.
I faced one of the big bosses without any armour and the difference of that (~350 points of defense) was a meager 50 points. The same reduction of 50 points applies to attacks by all the other monsters.

The magic, specifically charge lighting: When such weak spell (in diablo) can kill bosses with one salve, You know, that it's too powerful.

To solve problems 1 and 2, I propose You don't increase all the stats at every level up, but make the surpluses of armor enchantments higher. That would lower the characters max hp/mana and give defense, protection spells and potions importance.
Against the ability to supercharge spells, add an incrementing level/stat requirement. Have the arrow spells dexterty as requirement and most of the others intelligence of course.

And 16 classes of monsters? Maybe, You meant 16 different sprites? Actually, there are only ranged, melee and if we want to count the special abilities of some poisonous attack and freezing attack, excluding the bosses and generals. ;3

And a last thing, I also encountered that 2x2 room bug. Restarting the game solves this, You keep your progress but have to fight the boss again. I think, this occurs when standing in the middle of the room, while the portal appears. (I haven't tested this.)

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Not bad. i got a bug after killing the first boss though. Death. I entered the portal and warped in a 2x2 room without anything could not go back.

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Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2013
2:40 PM EST
Adventure - RPG