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The Pridelands saw their darkest days under Scar's rule. Hyenas took over, fear ran rampant among the creatures of the jungle, and food was at an all time low. Having defeated Scar, Simba returns to the throne and finds himself shoulders deep in a similar mess as a certain 44th president.

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The monkey Glenn Beck was my fav part, he would have more convincingif he'd cryed a bit more though.

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funny! both sides were criticized so it is not one sided. very true though.

The only good I saw him too was appease the Hyenas with their food supply. Sounds like pre-WWII appeasing of Germany, and we all know how that ended. That does seem like something Obama would do. Personally, I think this video criticizes a bit of both sides (though to be successful, it has to appeal to the liberal majority on the internet). But is certainly does bring out points against him, like "single-handedly" killing a national threat. Because this included at least a little for both sides, it gets four.

lol gud humor!

Yeah, this is pretty much how it happened. Only thinking of doing some good, actually accomplishing good, and suddenly everyone hates on him. Poor Simba.

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4.01 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2013
7:54 AM EST
Comedy - Original