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The Pridelands saw their darkest days under Scar's rule. Hyenas took over, fear ran rampant among the creatures of the jungle, and food was at an all time low. Having defeated Scar, Simba returns to the throne and finds himself shoulders deep in a similar mess as a certain 44th president.

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The crowd and Prez relationship was on point and I chortled. Baboon Beck entered the building and I hummed with wonder at Simba meaning more than "lion" in Swahili. He breaks it down to Simba the Socialist and I ho-ho-hoed until the Ostriches ran home.

This is entertainment befitting a president and with that I thank you *Obama voice*. And to that I say, 'aright, alright,,, alright alright alright' *Matthew McConaughey voice*.

This cracked me up in general and on a personal level. While I do think that soem credit should be given to those that step into office, The last few presidents have just been terrible, starting back with clinton and even before him all of our presidents have all made mistakes, terrible mistakes.

I've my personal opinions on what I think should happen or stay in place to reassure the US thrives, but as we all know opinions are like dicks... just cause ya got one, doesn't mean people wanna see it.
The humor was tasteful, the vo was nice on the ears and the animation was generally well done as well. The style wasn't my particular favored, but it wasn't chaotic an choppy, which is the main concern. Keep up the good work :)

ADASport responds:

Thanks for such a profound review!

Not bad. While the animation itself is somewhat decent, I think your opinion on Obama is too one-sided. Try re-watching this video with the idea of George Bush in mind rather than Obama, and it will still fits overall. George Bush did things that made everyone hate him, and so did Obama. To put it simply, they're both shitty presidents and you shouldn't be defending either of them.


nice one, as a republican, i can agree somewhat, lol...but we should all try to respect the president.

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Feb 19, 2013
7:54 AM EST