MCI - Wyze vs War Spawn

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The 2013 International MC Invitational Tournament
Round 2
(4) Wyze Stingray vs (1) War Spawn

Verse 1: Wyze Stingray
Verse 2: War Spawn
Verse 3: Wyze Stingray
Verse 4: War Spawn

Just leave a review and vote on who you thought took the win!


great battle i thought both of you complemented each other really well i thought both of you flowed on the beat very well warspawn had the better flow while i must say that Wyze's flow on this track was a huge upgrade as compared to past tracks! it was a very close battle but i just gotta say Wyze killed it with his second verse while warspawns second verse seemed to lack in places

Winner:Wyze Stingray
5/5 D'Led

RRStudios responds:

Wyze Stingray: 2
War Spawn: 1

Thanks for casting the vote!


RRStudios responds:

Wyze Stingray: 3
War Spawn: 1

Thanks for the vote!

Both of these rappers are shit random pick... i choose wyze

great battle but im gonna give it to war spawn due to the fact that his lines seemed more serious, and he himself came with a more serious style that i was enjoying. wyze was funny, with some decent flips, but spawn re-flipped a lot of them, and was consistently flipping a lot of the lines. wyze was good though, dont get me wrong, but i felt like war spawn edged him out on a serious note. good job though guys, great battle. although there was a noticeable difference in flow, wyze was good, but i felt like spawn was having troubles, i didnt deduct points on that though.

this was a good battle too. 2nd round is pretty dope so far. this is hard vote one, cuz i thought Spawn had the better bars in both verses but Wyze had better flow for most of his. I would have to give it to Spawn, just on the fact that he had a better 1st verse. Close tho, i would even be down to hear one more round.

Vote - War Spawn

RRStudios responds:

Wyze Stingray: 1
War Spawn: 1

Thank you for dropping by!

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Feb 17, 2013
8:05 PM EST
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