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Your village has been destroyed, can you rebuild your team and defeat your enemies to become the ultimate warrior?

Fight as 4 different classes, give orders, level up and unlock 30 hats, 30 weapons and 20 pieces of armor to change your stats and appearance in this 2D arena battle game!

Scouts: Light but quick; they are armed with a melee weapon and a pistol. The first on the scene and devastating in numbers.
Brutes: Powerful tank units; slow but very strong! They wield a melee weapon and fire shotguns.
Medic: Vital support units who can heal their team mates (with the attack button) and fire a rifle.
Mage: Mystical warriors who shoot fire balls and can 'blink' teleport by pressing the block button

Arrow keys: Move
A: Attack
S: Shoot
D: Block
Number keys: Issue order to team mate

*Rebind controls in the options and/or pause menu*


I would appreciate it if the game actually saves after my browser closes. Otherwise, pretty good game.

@numeris1672 If you go all mages, your sure to win pretty much every mode, just use all +ranged gear. It's boring, but works.

You have conquered all to become: ... a bear with a massive camel toe? Did anyone else notice that at the end?!

Awesome game! I played for hours. Seems difficult to level up after about level 10, because the playable content ends and it's just a grind to make kills for xp. So despite having oodles of $$$ I can't buy any of the better weapons and armor.

A successful strategy for me on kill-based levels (everything but capture the flag and command post levels) was to play as a mage, with upped range and criticals, and to get to either the left or the right side of the map with all my team mates defending me. Then I just shoot across the map, continuously, as the opponents jump into my fire both near and far. Sad, but efficient. Also using this sweep method I could keep a hold on a line of command posts or even snipe enemies at their own flag across the map, often using this to return my flag if it was stolen. This could be improved by having range attacks dissipate after a reasonable distance. Or teaching the AI to better dodge attacks (difficult as that would be for them).

Another beauty to roll out of Armor Games. Thanks!

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this game is awesome!!!!!! it was cool.

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This would make an amazing multiplayer game, much like worms. Just release levels and classes (or no classes, and release skins and skills to customize.) monthly, and you'll be set! I just honestly think this would sell on a multiplayer setting.

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4.15 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2013
1:08 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS