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Your village has been destroyed, can you rebuild your team and defeat your enemies to become the ultimate warrior?

Fight as 4 different classes, give orders, level up and unlock 30 hats, 30 weapons and 20 pieces of armor to change your stats and appearance in this 2D arena battle game!

Scouts: Light but quick; they are armed with a melee weapon and a pistol. The first on the scene and devastating in numbers.
Brutes: Powerful tank units; slow but very strong! They wield a melee weapon and fire shotguns.
Medic: Vital support units who can heal their team mates (with the attack button) and fire a rifle.
Mage: Mystical warriors who shoot fire balls and can 'blink' teleport by pressing the block button

Arrow keys: Move
A: Attack
S: Shoot
D: Block
Number keys: Issue order to team mate

*Rebind controls in the options and/or pause menu*


I realy like this tipe of games, and you surely tried to make something new with this consept. Leveling up and buying stuff is great, loved it. But there are things that just killed this game for me:

- Lags. Holy mother of god, is this game lags a lot. I don't know, maybe it's something to do with windows 8 that I use, or something with this game's compatibility with Chrome.. But it's just unholy the way it lags. Not only that, when I lag my character falls through the floor. Sometimes I start the round with, like, 2-3 deaths, because of lags.
- Lack of balance. If you want to make this game a class based one, you have to think of balance between classes. There is no balance here. At all. Choose mage, crank up "ranged" and hit "s" repeatedly. That's your win tactic.

Overall, an OK game. But it so easily could have been great. Please patch it, make it more stable, and do something with imbalanced mages and useless medics.

P.S. I'm terribly sorry for my bad english. I really tried to make this review readable. Thanks.

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good game ,5 stars , finished it

classes arent very balanced but overall a good game

Fun game. Reminds me of team fortress 2 for some reason.

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love it and i beat the whole thing a easier way to win is to but equipment off so your enemy do not here armour

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4.14 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2013
1:08 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS