My 8bit Valentine

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Pierce enough of the correct hearts in time to move onto the next level in this retro 8bit dynamic shooter.

BONUS: A unique share mini game to send a valentine message.

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Well, this game looks nice and it's ok to play for 3 minutes or so, but is there any incentive to play it longer than that? Maybe there could be a time limit, at least? A way to die? Some kind of challenge other than reversing direction very slowly? (I agree with others that challenge should never come from the controls) Also, my game froze on level 4, both times, too. Canon in D is probably the most overused song in the history of overused songs, but weddings are one of the main reasons why, so I suppose it's a fitting choice for a Valentine's Day game and the 8-bit rendition was fine ... but maybe there could be more than just that one song?

This reminded me of one of those unauthorized bible games released during the last days of the NES. You know ... the kind that came in those weird light blue cartridges. Anyway, thanks for sharing and it COULD be a fun game, but I think a lot more is needed first.

Cute, but if I were you I would redo the velocity algorithm for cupid. It's a bit awkward and annoying how it takes him so long to "turn around" so to speak, which I'm guessing is the issue with controls others are referring to as well.

this game sucks

i like the art and animation. It's really good. but the controls are fucked. And the game has that mentioned bug on the fourth stage. Work more on this game, and you will have a pretty interesting game. Maybe add more boosts after solve the controls problem.

Game always freezes on the fourth level, but there are some nice things about it. The Canon in D mix was good and I agree with the others about the slippery controls, but rather than taking them completely out, how about add a powerup to tighten those controls? I'm still not sure what the quiver powerup does. Keep it up

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2.78 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2013
8:47 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight