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This is a reboot of the game, it should be completely bug free, however that is what I thought last time as well, however this time I am sure, I have went through the game several times recoding and making sure everything was in the right place and going where it was supposed to go, I spent months recoding for the sake of this game and it should be fine.

I rebooted this game to celebrate the beginning of the sequel I am currently working on, guaranteed to be better than the first, you have my word!


This is a project I have been working on for some time, the latest flash project by Devil Kid Productions, this is a hentai game based in the world of One Piece, it is a full playable game with Boss fights, RPG style play and a lot of chicks from the One Piece universe.

Don't forget to read the instructions in the game, it is an easy game to pickup and play but remember this is a hentai game, it is meant for Adults only.

Also it takes a bit to load so just be patient, don't know why the loading screen doesn't appear when it is loading but it's loading


Just uploaded a complete coding remake of the game, fixed bugs and game plays fine now, sorry for the first version, I uploaded this version but it didnt upload, instead the first buggy one did, hope this makes the game more enjoyable.

I also figured out how to fix the target game mouse problem so the mouse no longer is invisable after the game.

Also changed the uploader to a newer one due to some complaints about the madness loader.


Just uploaded a new complete version and there should be no bugs, if any are found please let me know immediatly and i will fix them right away, i will check this game on weekly basis just in case. This should be a bug-free version!

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Spill your thoughts No,but i spilled something else my soda

A nice game. Nice story and well put together. No it's not the next best game ever. But it's great. I understand a lot of bugs were in the game before. But now it runs great. Of course there is still the fact that if you press on someone's mouth you end up with Nico Robin? But no going to lie, it helped a lot when I lost law's shooting game and had to go back there.

But apart from that, it's a fun adult game which gives the viewers what they want and makes them feel like a badass pirate. Basically it contains booty, story and battling. What more could you want from a adult one piece flash game? Look forward to the next one.

Good game overall, but a lot of bugs with the Hancock story. After Shanks leaves on the island, I somehow end up back at the area that I just completed. Whenever you talk two times to the shopkeeper that can give information, you go to the end of the Strawhat story. Fix these two main bugs and the game will be a lot better.

roxasreaper responds:

Thank you, and actually ive fixed all bugs, just waiting to upload the fixed version, sorry it took so long to do it but I was busy working on a new flash, that is no longer going to be coming out, it got lost and no longer exists for some reason, but I am re-uploading this game in celebration for the second game that I will now begin work on

This game surprised me since at first i thought everyone was going to quiz me and stuff but turned out to be a fun adventure. Unfortunately it's very buggy especially since certain routes will randomly loop or happen out of order.

I Highly suggest and would love if you made a 2.0 version with the bugs fixed and better visuals for the adventure segments. also if you could, better collision detection and some after hit invincibility would help. (it's a real turn off when flash games do that) as well as indication you're getting hit

The biggest bug i foundisafter u fu** perona and should meet the one guy in the base u will just fight again versus the two bosses and then fuck perona again and then the whole thing again :means its impossible to fuck boa hankock and there wont be a end. srry for my english and grammar ;)

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2.99 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2013
7:30 AM EST
Adventure - RPG