Staring Girl.

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I created this ages ago, and since I wanted to put something on this account, I decided that this was perfect... I'm not quite sure how to do the menu yet but... I'll figure it out.

Anyway, this is a video inspired by Tim Burton, and yeah!:D


In an interview with Life magazine, Tim Burton admitted to being traumatized by a young girl that would stare at nothing but never said a word. He knew her since his first years in school and he became terribly frightened of her. Sometimes he used to imagine that she was possessed or was seeing the spirits of the dead. Eventually, her parents moved to another town but he had worked himself up wondering about happened to her that he had began to have vivid nightmares and that his nightmares eventually became his inspiration for his artwork.

After returning home from college in his early 20's, he learned from some of his acquaintances that she had been diagnosed with severe Autism. Her parents had really just moved in order to enroll her in a special school but the damage was done. He's now a rich and well-known, albeit screwed up, artist.

I'm not sure if this is what your upload is about but it's good of you to share this with us.

myu-tanto responds:

I didn't actually know that, but wow. I basically just got my favourite poem by Tim Burton and did an animation with his style to go along with it, never realising how important this person actually was to his personality. It's really quite interesting though, he had a very "messed up" childhood (when I say messed up I mean that his parents blocked the windows in his room so he couldn't look outside, and the only outside light was a small slit which he couldn't look through), and that has ultimately made him the way he is.

I really liked the style. I even laughed out loud a couple of times at the end (I just find the concept of "local staring contest" really amusing) and the atmosphere was nice and creepy and all that jazz.

However the lack of menu or replay option is kinda annoying because the animation loops and all the sounds get really mixed up together on the second play. You can download preloaders right here from Newgrounds really easily and just put those at the beginning of the animation.

But if you're not lazy like I am you may figure it out how to make those yourself :)

myu-tanto responds:

Yeah, I guess I'll have to do that, thing is I'm quite new to Newgrounds, so when I uploaded this I didn't know how to do that. When I next get on Flash, I'll make one. And thank you for the review:)

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