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! Assault Outpost 3 !

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In 2011 we established a base on Mars and successfully defended it from alien invasion, twice! But the aliens are back and they are really pissed now. ~ Defend your outpost from all attacking enemies! Use your upgrades wisely to defeat your opponents or nuke them off the planet!

This game features day and night time modes, like real warfare! You will need to use Thermal and Night Vision to survive!

Mouse = Move your cross-hairs
Mouse Button = Shoot weapon

1 = Shell turret
2 = Rapid turret
3 = Laser turret
4 = Plasma turret
5 = Explosive turret
6 = Rocket turret

7 = Mines
8 = Bombs
9 = Heal your shield (need a repair pack)
0 = Heal your outpost armor (need a repair pack)

Space = force-field on
S = Call Supply drop
N = Night vision (Use to see enemy at night!)
T = Thermal vision (Use to see enemy at night!)

X = Force spawn next enemy unit for a small bonus!

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Weapon selection and and ability activation do not work

mep630 responds:

They work for sure. However there is a super weapon 'power-up' that will go until it ends, no need to switch it because its the best weapon in the game, and is temporary. Also you need to have ammo for the other weapons, and you will need to purchase the other turrets first to use them.

The Abilities work too, but you have a limited number and may need to purchase more at the upgrade screen. Some like the repair wont work unless you actually need repairs. The force-field needs to be bought then it needs energy to run. The energy recharges over time (the blue bar) - you can upgrade the recharge amount.

Its an outpost with limited supplies/ammo - you can buy more between battles. If you run out of ammo in a fight, you can call in a supply drop with 'S'. You can also repair your shields, if you have a repair kit, with '9' or '0'. Block damage with your force-field, if its upgraded and has energy with 'Spacebar'

I'd rather watching cooking shows....

Awesome =)

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2013
10:15 PM EST