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The aliens are coming, and our traditional weapon systems are useless against their advanced technology. Humanity's last hope is to unveil the STAR GLAIVE, a prototype combat ship that can absorb and turn back the alien attacks.

Battle more than 30 boss ships by turning their own weapons against them. If that's not enough action, use the built-in boss editor to create challenges we couldn't dream of, then share them with friends or strangers and cackle in delight as they try to face your genius.


very enjoin it ;)

This game is pretty good and Phobotech pretty much said all that really can be said, I just wanted to suggest that there should be something like a shop which lets you upgrade your ship to take more damage, have a few more lives, get more shield power, etc. You could also add in customization for your ship in certain ways, allowing everyone to have a different experience even with the same bosses. Stuff like that could allow less repetition and make a few more people happy.
However as it is right now, it provides a retro feel that I enjoy very much.

I got my first game over on the final boss of stage 3.


I'm a huge Galaga fan, and my favorite arcades to play on as a kid were the top-down shooters like 1945 and Raiden and the likes. Even as a really little guy, it was a general rule of thumb with those kind of games to survive long enough and get enough of an upgrade, and you'll be so overpowered filling the screen with bullets that nothing would survive long as you came spewing out this never-ending stream of death.

What I love about this game...really LOVE about it...is it totally throws that rule of thumb out the window and reinvents the genre.

The very idea of going up to those kind of bosses from those kind of games, and making the core gameplay mechanic to fly as close to the wave of attacks just to Hap Ki Do that shit and throw it right back at them sounds like an idea concocted from a crazy, superhuman nerd who got bored with something already great, and wanted to take the challenge an insane step further.

My God is it satisfying.

The music is catchy and engaging and fits RIGHT AT HOME with the theme of things. I can see where other complaints are coming from with it getting a little too repetitive, but I found myself recognizing some parts and humming along with it by stage 3, so it's whatever. I've heard of no one complaining about the Galaga theme that begins at each new level. But perhaps it couldn't hurt the game at all to vary the music from section to section. The first ten bosses could have one theme...but those first ten won't be as difficult as the next ten, so maybe they should get something a little more intense...and the final ten should get something cataclysmically face-melting.

Well, while we're on the subject of variation, I did occasionally find myself wanting something else to be going on with the background. Maybe its because the menu screen is focused on a big-'ol picture of Earth, and it just cuts to the same space for the duration of the game. IDK, the feeling of progression may subconsciously slip.

Don't get me wrong, though...there's still that heightened sense of intrigue and jubilation when the next boss craft is named, and the readout lists its arsenal...you're like, "Okay, let's go. Bring it on." and then you focus on the ship. Focus on the pattern, sure...but what I think would've filled it out a bit more is something ambient to accent the background beneath. Nothing distracting, but...SOMETHING. Maybe we're over the martian surface, drifting dangerously close to Phobos...maybe the camera in particular is facing in the direction of the sun, and we have a sort of a Solar Dawn color theme going on. Maybe near the end, these bosses got dangerously close to the Earth, and we're witness an eclipsed Earthrise...what of a stage close to the moon? Stuff like that.

BUT. All are mere suggestions. There's too much good going on with this game to really deduct on the lack of cosmetic trimmings. The ships are detailed enough, and I'm impressed with the HUD bumping away when flown into.

With a game that demanded such precision flight, I chose to control with the mouse, and I never had a problem.

I'm relieved the game is as forgiving as it is with death, and treats the respawn with a time penalty...it's very swift, and it doesn't bullshit around. Hell, there are some games that I PAID for that don't even do that, and THEY SHOULD. No bullshit minions, no long-winded exposition, just BAM. Here's what you do. BAM. Here's how you do it. BAM. First boss, fuck 'em up. BOOM. Good job, here's the next one.

There MIGHT be a fault in that mechanic somewhere to SOMEONE, but I PERSONALLY kinda love it for cuttin' it straight to us. And you would think that shit would be over really quick, but its really kinda not! There's a genuine learning curve to a genuine challenge. Some attacks are actually kinda AWESOMELY terrifying, like the laser beams, and the "Death Blossom-esque" Super Attacks are awe inspiring and they FEEL empowering. Did I mention the SFX were great too?

All in all, you guys did a fantastic job. Thank you!

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I very much enjoy this game. The bosses you've created are enjoyable and quite varied. Music can become a little repetitive, but luckily battle don't last so long that it becomes a huge issue. Despite all the bullets and everything, I didn't suffer any lag or skipping. Well done on an enjoyable game.

And just because it's there, I give you The Cursed Guillotine

Sounds like a realistic situation. Earth has never had a very good interstellar defense. :) I like the spacy techno music in the game, reminds me of some space venture I've seen somewhere. Also nice how the game pauses automatically as soon as you focus on an area outside the flash, that's useful.

The two control options, pro and simple, is a nice selection, and the concept of catching enemy ammunition with your shield is pretty neat. The gameplay itself is smooth and simple, and I like the sprite style used, it's a lot of fun. Keep it going!


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3.63 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2013
5:59 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight
  • Daily 5th Place February 13, 2013