Tits (Rude Version)

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Gotta love tits - and this time I've created a ruder version with actual tits on show. That's better !

Click S top left corner for subtitles.

As usual, all animation and audio done by me, Koit.

You can download this song from iTunes or Amazon. See the links in the animation.

You can also find me on facebook and youtube.


*tear rolling* I love them too man. thank you for making a song about them.

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Tits make me smile :)

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Not to so rude, but one thing about your animations that is constantly disappointing is that you just redo the same ones with slightly different animation style. I fell over laughing the first time I watched the original version of this. Although it was quite cheeky it was original. While the song still makes me laugh, this isn't anything too new. It is just a slightly different animation. You have produced some unique and original work before. You should focus on making more new contact instead of just redoing old stuff.

koit responds:

Completely agree.

Thing is with this one, I made the rude version at the same time as the original but never bothered releasing it as. I was torn you see at the time of releasing the one with viewable tits or the covered tits....

I didn't want to see it go to waste, hence the release of it now....

Rest assured that I am still working on original material and in about 2 weeks another new one will be released.

Haha, funny.

it gave me a boner.

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Feb 11, 2013
5:08 PM EST
Comedy - Original