Metal Atack

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E Shoots
Arrows Walks
Esc for Menu

Shoter 5 coins lv.0 press T for Buy

Gunman 5 coins lv.5 ,1 coin 2 bullets press C for buy

Batter 1 coin LV. 0 press Z for Buy

12 coins drinker LV. 1, 1 coin each use press O for Buy

Shot Machine 20 coins Lv.10 Press X for buy

Coin Machine 50 coins Lv.10 ,1 xp for use shot in te Gold Robot
Press V for buy

Professional 4 coins, 2 coins each soldier LV. 0 Press F for buy

Doctor 20 .1 power 2 currency coins Press G for buy

Farmer 15 coins LV. 2, 1 coin per pig Press I for Buy

Diamand Shooter 80 coins Level 90 Hit Warrior Press H for Buy


Heavy-12 Damage is Low Spawn Normal Robots,Spawn in Lv.7

Normal Robot-Is Normal 2 Damage, Insane 5,Spawn lv 1

Killed Robot:Is Low,Damage 5 ,Insane 10 Spawn Lv0

Robot-Spawn in Level 4 and 12 ,10 damage

Gold Robot:Spawn Level 10,Is Speed,Drop 2 Coins,Damage
All,Used for Coin Machine

Necro Robot:Spawn Lv 2, 2 Damage ,insane 4

Necromancer:10 Damage ,Insane 20 Spawn in Level 100

Evil Warrior:Damage 12 in Insane 19 Spawn in Level 90

Pirate:Spawn in level 30 from Boat


Red Bar:Life (20) Press R For Restory Cust 1 Coin

Blue Bar:Water (30)

Brow Bar:Hunger (20)

Gray Bar:Bullets (80) Press D for Bullets Cust 2 Coins


There is no creativity in this game. The controls are hardly anything to brag about too. Horrible game.

Very weakly executed. The graphics are poor, there are no sounds, and the gameplay is...very poor. Also, I think the enemy spawner was inspired by Minecraft's Mob Spawner.

This was definitely done by a beginner...and unfortunately it wasn't very fun.

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Nice, reminded me of a game I played at Gym class today.

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rickomax responds:


This game is great! Make more!

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rickomax responds:

Thank You I Will Do More

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2.43 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2013
1:21 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed