Game Grumps: The Movie

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the trailer for the new gam graumps movie jus leaked im uplodin it here!1 i hope noen of the NG staff find out or mind hee hee xD this is it i hop u enjoy! looks gud!

Backgrounds by: Chronicskull
Jons ugly face in dat one scene ROFL by: BinaryDood
BG Music: Neon-Bard


You need to start making only DragonBall Z parodies. There isn't enough of them! Rawr...? BUT FOR REELZ, this was pretty funny. D: Jon's face should have been more derpy. CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH DERP.(Jack made me say that...oh gawd...he's pooping everywhere...)

Good animation, funny jokes, well done sir! Sonic 06' fo' life!

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this was ok? I mean most of these jokes have been done before and executed a lot better. It seems more mean spirited ripping than just satirical. I could conclude that there's some bitterness behind it. I guess gamegrumps has gotten to be so well known that mean-spiritedly attacking them is popular now.

the coloring is nice.

SpeedoSausage responds:

Jesus, I can't parody things since people think its all out of jealousy and bitterness now

Thats goofy shit.

This is good work. There was more momemtum in it than just the average spastic bashing you do.
Some of the jokes were still the similar to your old style and the sex part was kind of a homage to that part of you that wants to goes for the cheap jokes.
Still it seems to be on right track, looking forward to more stuff.

Keep buttfucking those fanboys' only sources of emotional security Speedo.

I on my end will keep up the furious fapping.

-sloppy high five-

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4.26 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2013
10:59 PM EST
Comedy - Parody